Story Idea Submissions

In addition to publishing a variety of print magazines for regional and national law enforcement audiences, 911MEDIA is planning to produce a documentary series that will highlight the positive influences and effects that police bring to the communities that they serve. If you have a story idea for an article in one of our publications or for an upcoming episode of the series, please share it with us below. Be sure to keep your description brief but specific, and include any names and contact information relevant for the story. While we cannot guarantee a response, we look forward to reading your idea and hopefully including it in one of our publications or our documentary series.

  • By checking the box, I understand that my comments, as well as any included videos or images, may be used by 911MEDIA, a division of Trade News International, Inc. I also understand that 911MEDIA does not promise to accept my story or idea, and furthermore reserves the right to produce original content similar to the proposed topic with no obligation to compensation.
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