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911MEDIA Speaks Up About Threatened Public Safety Budgets

Burbank, California, July 15, 2009 — Experiencing tough financial times, communities and governments across the country are finding ways to slash spending. Consequently, organizations that represent public safety interests are now finding themselves in crisis mode, suddenly seeking unprecedented support from citizens and civic leaders in order to maintain an ongoing investment in public safety and job creation. Reductions and eliminations in public safety programs are a 911 emergency of a totally new type, opening the doors to increased security and safety threats, according to Mark Deitch, president/CEO of 911MEDIA. An award-winning firm that creates custom communications for corporate and non-profit clients nationwide, 911MEDIA specializes in labor associations that represent public safety.

“The general opinion is that we’re not out of the economic crisis yet, and the recovery is still some time off, which means that in terms of public safety, things may not improve for quite a while,” Deitch says. “Already, many counties in California have been threatening layoffs or letting police officers and firefighters go, and this scenario is playing out all across the United States. Meanwhile, in desperate times, people turn to desperate measures, and crime rates will likely increase without adequate law enforcement.”

Over the last 28 years, Deitch has developed a loyal following of public safety clients. In recent months, 911MEDIA has noted that an increasing number of associations representing public safety personnel are under pressure to communicate the importance of protecting safety and security budgets. Pointing out the issue and its potential consequences is tantamount to mission critical.

“Here at 911MEDIA, we are committed to supporting our clients’ mission to protect those who protect us, and that’s exactly why we’re speaking out about this troubling issue,” Deitch says. “Public safety budget cuts will adversely affect crime control and emergency responses. Our concern isn’t just about saving jobs, but saving lives and protecting the public.”

As a leader in the communications industry, 911MEDIA has received recognition through an impressive track record of award-winning projects. Just this past spring, the communications company received three “Awards of Excellence” in the 2009 Apex Awards for Publication Excellence ( The honors included: Most Improved Web Sites (Western Publishing Association Web Sites); Web Sites (Golden Badge Foundation Website); and Magazine & Journal Design & Layout (California Police Journal).

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